Portraits of Immigrants by Betsy Ashton

Opening Night (virtual) April 6, 2021 at 7:00 pm

April 7- May 8, 2021

OSilas Gallery is pleased to present this inspirational exhibition of portraits by artist Betsy Ashton. Disturbed by the anti-immigrant rhetoric she was hearing in political campaigns and in the media, Ashton was determined to use her talent as an artist and her experience as a broadcast journalist to tell the inspiring stories of immigrants with whom she interacts in her daily life–whether it is the baker in her neighborhood or the man who constructs the frames for her artwork, as well as other immigrants whom she has met through friends or other channels.

Portraits of Immigrants is Ashton’s attempt to “balance the immigrantion story by introducing [the viewer] to real people from a variety of countries and cultures who live in [New York City}.” Through Ashton’s paintings and the biography that accompanies each portrait, viewers can get to know some of the wonderful immigrants who call New York City home and their stories of grit and determination in the course of their journey to build a happy and productive life in America.