Curated by Bartholomew Bland and Patricia O’Shaughnessy

January 31 to March 16
Opening reception 7 pm, January 31

Spring is the messenger!  And like the season these artists telegraph a sense of hope with the familiar; buds, flowers, leaves, nature!

Artist, Jane McNichol, said it beautifully: “I love that time of year…. its beginnings are always so fragile and tenuous.  It’s those beginnings that offer just a bit of hope that things will grow and later, thrive.  In that early spring, we can never quite conceive that the strength of summer will really get here.  So, sometimes, tender makes the day.”

This raw and riotous season is a good metaphor for our current political climate of clashing discordant ideals.  We trust, like nature itself, out of chaos good ideas will spawn, take root and mature.

Appreciating the repetition of nature’s cycle, the beauty that comes of it as well as those who render it, provides us solace and hope.

Featured images:  Dogwood (Pink) No. 5 by Jeri Eisenberg and Viburnum Ming by Melanie Parke.