March 28 to April 27 (closed April 18-22 for the Easter holiday)

OPENING RECEPTION,  Thursday, March 28 at 7 pm

This exhibition features work by both established and emerging artists that are on loan from local collectors.

Why do some people collect art whereas others buy art simply to fill a space over the sofa or the mantle? People who collect art do so for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the desire to support a living artist or to memorialize a certain place and time in a tangible object or to make an investment or to simply satisfy the desire to live with beautiful things. Collector preferences in art are very personal; he or she may be drawn to a particular work because of the time period during which it was created, its medium, color palate or subject matter or a myriad of other reasons.  Collections are unique to the person or family that collects art and they can evolve over time as the collector’s taste in art changes.  While their motivations for collecting and their tastes in art may differ, the one thing that all the collectors whose works are featured in the exhibition share is a desire to have art be part of the fabric of their daily lives.

This art exhibition showcases just one area of interest of local residents and is meant to explore the reasons why these collectors acquire art and their connection to the artwork featured in this show.