March 22 to April 21

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, March 22 at 7:00

“Authority and mysticism” are the dual sensibilities underlying Serdar Arat’s work, which he describes as the essence of his Turkish roots.  This exhibition is an exploration by the artist of reality: always teetering in between two and three dimensions, incorporating actual depth alongside its illusion, both teasing and contradicting our perception of depth.  Works included in the exhibition range from paintings and multimedia work to sculptural forms. The latest piece in the exhibition is Arat’s first and only fully three dimensional work: a thirty-foot-long sculptural landscape installation, strewn with over a hundred forms and fragments, in mixed media including bronze, copper and ceramic.  In this piece, a lifetime’s discipline of subdued three dimensionality is punctuated with the explosion of sculptural forms, coming straight out of the metaphorical imagery of the paintings and works on paper.