The OSilas Gallery is committed to education through the arts

We have many opportunities for individuals, families, school groups, educators, and students to visit the gallery to experience our exhibitions and learn through our programs. We are always happy to accommodate private tours. We also offer educator guides and professional development opportunities for teachers. Please explore the education tabs to see some of our programs or call us at (914) 395-4520 for more information.

OSILAS Arts Escapes

  • Great gift Ideas!
  • Unlock your creativity in different sessions
  • Hands on art projects at each session tught by experts
  • Art materials included
  • Classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7:3-9:30 pm
  • $35  ($30 for members)  for 1 class
  • Pack of 5 classes for $150 and ($125 members).
  • Call Liz Levine to RSVP at 914-337-9300  x2433

Free First Session : Intro To Art Escapes-An Adult Coloring Book, January 12&14

The Color Palette- How Colors affect your environment, appetite and more, January 19 & March 31

IPhone Photography- Maximize the technology at your fingertips, January 21

NYC Museums:Special Insights #1 -Picasso Scultpure at MOMA; Be Picasso for a night, January 26

NYC Museums: Special Insights#2- In the works, March 29

Beading- Learn to style & string beads to create your own unique sparkling designs! January 28 & March 10

Sketching from Life for Beginners, February 2 & 10

The Gentile Art of Silhouettes, February 4 & March 15

Romantic Wine &Chocolate Tasting- Our VALENTINE’S DAY special event! February 9

Calligraphy:The Lost art of a Beautiful Hand, February 11 & March 8

Ceramics: More fun than you remember! February 23 & March 3

Food as Art/ Art as Food- Dress up your foods and delight your guests! February 25 & March 1

Tours and Curriculum-Based Programming

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