Contextual: Transforming Text into Image

January 15 – Febuary 23, 2007

Curated by:
Curated by Patricia Miranda

Edward Evans, Katherine Jackson, Jill London, Henry Mandell, Nanni Menetti, and Maureen Mullarkey

The artists featured in this exhibition all work with language – conceiving and transforming text into purely visual form. Each artist creates a unique “prose,” inventing and reinventing an abstract calligraphy resonant with the memory of letters. Edward Evans surprises with his uncanny painting of letter impressions, creating mysterious symbols that read or don’t read as text, or as pure poetic image. Katherine Jackson uses literal text transcribed into tiny illegible chains etched onto glass and reflected onto walls, or written in miniscule pencil lines on panel. Jill London creates a language of refracted light by punching and writing shapes into gilded panels. Henry Mandell feeds text into highly sophisticated computer software, transforming the letters into a kind of brush; text is used as a ready-made set of symbols, so that what is being described in a literary sense disappears and reappears as patterns. Nanni Menetti   Maureen Mullarkey collages actual books, letters and documents as an act of elegiac remembering.