The Vale of Kashmir: Photographs by John Isaac

 In the Window Gallery: Figures in an Imaginary Landscape: Digital Painting by Kit Fitzgerald

February 2-April 8, 2009

Book-Signing, Gallery Talk, and Reception
Thursday, February 5, 2009, 7-9pm

Photographer John Isaac, originally from India and now residing in Bronxville NY, will exhibit his works at the OSilas Gallery at Concordia College February 2-April 8, 2009. The OSilas Gallery will present his series of photographs from Kashmir, recorded in a new book The Vale of Kashmir, published by W. W. Norton. The opening reception will feature a Gallery Talk and book-signing by the artist. In addition, Isaac has generously offered 25 limited edition signed books, which include an original John Isaac photograph. Net proceeds from all books go to benefit the OSilas Gallery.

The Vale of Kashmir celebrates the people and landscape of Kashmir and the unique way of life that has developed there. Isaac set out to create a work that would honor both the cultural complexity and the breathtaking beauty of this exotic region. In lush color, he captures the varied details of daily life: canals crowded with houseboats and floating gardens on Dal Lake, the ancient city of Srinagar, the harvesting of saffron, Hindu pilgrimages through the mountains, shepherds on the Himalayan slopes, prayers at the mosque, and the private realm of family life. Isaac writes: “There is something very magical about this place.” Here is historical Kashmir, not the country torn apart by war. This is an enchanted and enchanting land seen in 160 magnificent color images from a master photographer.

John Isaac was a United Nations photographer from 1978 to 1998. In that time, Isaac covered everything from the Cambodian killing fields of Pol Pot and the famine in Ethiopia to wars in Kuwait, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. John now prefers to train his lens on things of beauty: wondrous and colorful varieties of people, places, and wildlife. No stranger to the exotic, John has traveled the globe for his U.N. assignments and his work not only captured a cornucopia of cultural diversity, his sensitive and compassionate nature was ever-present when recording the human condition on film for the world to see. There were times when he gave up a possible prize- winning photograph out of respect for the dignity and privacy of the subject. Isaac believes that we are all one people. We may look and act differently, but inside we are the same; we all have our desires and ambitions; we need to love and be loved; and the great human potential is in every one of us. As his photographs record many cultural differences, at the same time they reveal those very human similarities that bind us all together.


The Window Gallery: Kit Fitzgerald

KIT FITZGERALD is a new media artist. Her video and digital media works and live presentations have been produced and broadcast worldwide. This show will feature paintings that are made with digital technology as well as painting in four dimensions with video. Using the personal computer as a tool for art-making, Fitzgerald brings beauty, humanism, and warmth to the usually cold of the technological environment. Fitzgerald is currently Assistant Professor of New Media at Concordia College in Bronxville, New York.

Ms. Fitzgerald began her career as an artist-in-residence at the Television Laboratory at WNET in New York. Ms. Fitzgerald was an early adopter of digital technology in live performance. With Peter Gordon, she created a series of live video-music productions that brought to video the immediacy and ensemble possibilities found in music and dance. Using the video paintbox, she combines hand-drawn video painting with sophisticated editing and animation techniques, bringing the touch of the hand to high technology. On large projection screens, she creates and mixes live drawing, processing, cameras, and pre-recorded material. Her collaborators in these performances included jazz legend Max Roach, choreographers Donald Byrd and Bill T. Jones, Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, American composer Peter Gordon, and the Northern Netherlands Theatre.

Ms. Fitzgerald has also directed documentaries on art and culture (on Twyla Tharp, The New York City Ballet, The Jewish Museum in New York, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, 1980s avant-garde film), dramatic films (The Body Shop, The Deadman), music videos (for King Crimson, The Doors, and Qbadisc Records, including the first music video by a Cuban performer to air on MTV), dance videos (for Bebe Miller/Gotham Dance and Bill T. Jones /Arnie Zane), broadcast news (for Public Broadcasting and Fox TV), PSAs (for MTV, VH-1), TV Station Logos (Tokyo Broadcasting System and WNYC, New York Public Television), and high-definition television for Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Ms. Fitzgerald’s work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and has twice been exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennale. Her dramatic work, The Deadman, won 2nd prize at the Riccione (Italy) Film, Theatre, and Television Festival in 1993. Her high-definition work, Painted Melodies, won 1st prize at the 1993 Electronic Cinema Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland and was featured in the 1994 New York Film Festival and 1994 Tokyo International Film Festival. She has been the recipient of grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, and the Japan Foundation.


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