Sharing the Sword

Mary and the Cross in Renaissance Art

Selections from the Arnold and Seena Davis Old Master Collection

October 23, 2009- April 10, 2010

Curated by The Rev. Dr. Patrick James Bayens
Professor of Religion, Concordia College

The OSilas Gallery is honored to feature a selection of works from the Old Master collection of Arnold and Seena Davis. The exhibition is curated by The Rev. Dr. Patrick James Bayens, Professor of Religion at Concordia College. This exhibition offers the opportunity to compare the iconography of these selected Northern Renaissance works with one another and with works from the Italian Renaissance and Lutheran Reformation.  What aspects of piety and theology, emotion and doctrine, are suggested by the way Mary is portrayed in her relationship to Jesus?  What is the viewer supposed to ‘do’ with these images?  Since most of these works were created for a private, rather than a public space, what was their intended devotional role, and how does such contrast with contemporary or near contemporary works with similar iconography in Italy, and in Germany during the first decades of the Lutheran Reformation? The exhibition includes selected Renaissance paintings, drawings, and sculpture from the Arnold and Seena Davis Collection that portray the Virgin Mary and Jesus together, including Madonna and Child, Holy Family, and Crucifixion scenes. This exhibition is part of Concordia’s campus and community-wide Renaissance and Reformation Festival, October 23-25, 2009, which explores and celebrates the influence and impact of education and the arts in the Renaissance and Reformation eras.