Journey of Justice: Looking for Liberty
February 15 – April 14

albanian refugee

Journey of Justice: Looking for Liberty is the final exhibition in the Journey trilogy held this year at OSilas Gallery. Featuring paintings by Tom Block and photography by Lisa Sorensen, this exhibition is a powerful conversation on Human Rights and the ideals of liberty and justice.

In the main gallery are selections from Tom Block’s Human Rights Painting Project. These large scale works highlight the struggle for human rights the world over. Using a contemporary artistic voice, Tom interprets different aspects of the struggle for human rights, emphasizing the stories that bring it to life.  Biographies of each person featured accompany the paintings and speak of both a personal and universal desire for justice and liberty. The works capture the range of emotions experienced by those portrayed.  Fear, destitution and pain, as well as hope, joy and even sanguinity form themselves in these faces.  Ultimately, the paintings bring together man’s best and worst impulses – the heroes of the images are a counterpoint to the regimes and authorities that forced them into that role.  We are left with the uncomfortable question of which group is more typical of our human race – and which the exception.

SOL41In the window gallery is a collection of photography by Lisa Sorensen which portrays the much beloved Statue of Liberty and the ideals it represents. Each image is a different perspective and lets us view the monument through the eyes of the many people who sought the freedom it embodies – both those who sought to seek freedom and those who champion the concept of justice and liberty in their own nations.

Gallery Events:

Artist Talk and Opening Reception for Lisa Sorensen
Thursday, February 28th at 7pm

OSilas Gallery Gala: For the Luv of Art
Saturday, March 2nd at 5pm
Featuring a Silent Auction and a Conversation with Tom Block – featured artist in the Journey of Justice: Looking for Liberty exhibition. To purchase tickets please call (914) 337-9300 x2173

Film Night
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Thursday, March 14th at 7pm
Film Presentation and Introduction by: Kit Fitzgerald, Professor of New Media at Concordia College – New York and a Video Director and Media Artist

Panel Discussion
Human Rights at Home and Abroad
Thursday, March 21st at 7pm
Moderated by: Dr. Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat, Professor of Political Science at SUNY Purchase College

Sunday, April 7th at 3:30pm
Join us for a family day – explore the exhibition, then create a hands-on art project. The event is free for children ages 5-10 accompanied by an adult. Reservations are required (914) 395-4520